*Updated* Bi-metal & Heavy Teks Product Guides

We have just updated our ‘Guide to Evolution Bi-metal & Stainless Steel Fasteners’ and ‘Guide to Evolution Tek Screws for Heavy Steel’ to reflect the parts we have recently added to expand our tek screw range: 

*New* Bi-metal Composite Panel Fasteners
•    135mm long (for light steel)

*New* Bi-metal Hex Head Tek Screws + 16mm washer

•    25mm, 38mm, 50mm & 135mm long (for light steel)
•    38mm & 100mm long (for heavy steel)

*New* Bi-metal Hex Head Tek Screws 
•    50mm long (for heavy steel)

*New* Bi-metal Wing-drill Tek Screws

•    62mm long( for light steel)
•    85mm long (for heavy steel)  

Both booklets contain key product features, application information and basic performance data for the different types of screws within each range.  The content makes the guides ideal as everyday tools for Purchasing Managers and for use as point of sale material for distributors stocking Evolution products alongside the other four printed guides to the Evolution product range (‘Guide to Evolution Specialist Drywall Screws’. ‘Guide to Evolution Stitching Screws’, ‘Guide to Evolution Extra Long Length Screws’ and ‘Guide to Evolution Fasteners for Concrete & Masonry’. 

We are in the process of sending the updated guides to our distribution customers. Copies of any of our product range guides can be requested from our Marketing Department by e-mailing marketing@evolutionfasteners.co.uk or calling +44(0)141 647 7100.  Alternatively, PDF versions of all product guides are available from the ‘Downloads’ area of the website.  

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