NOTICE: Temporary suspension of site-based testing activities.

Our vision is that one day accidents and tragedies will be eliminated from the construction and use of buildings.  We feel we can contribute to that goal through the sharing of knowledge.  Our mission is simple: become a centre of technical excellence and distribute our knowledge and experiences around the industry.  We achieve this by collaborating with industrial and academic partners, undertaking research and development programs in our UKAS accredited laboratory and train people from the entire construction spectrum: from the engineers and architects all the way to the contractors and installers.  Our ethos that knowledge shared is knowledge gained is borne from the relentless pursuit of that vision.  The industry-leading products we manufacture are just one of the outcomes from this pursuit.

One of the tools in our arsenal to deliver our vision is our site-based testing services, and unfortunately it is a tool we will not be able to utilise until the current situation improves, guidance is updated by Government and safe working practices spread through the industry.  Evolution is not just another company, we cherish and nurture our colleagues, our partners and our customers.  As a safety-conscious, moral and ethical company we must prioritise the safety and well-being of all in our care and as such we will be temporarily suspending site-based testing activities.

We thank you all for your continued support which has remained steadfast in these times of uncertainty, times of tragedy and times of change.

Thank you,


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