Quality Control

Evolution Fasteners, as part of our continuous drive for greater quality control and assurance have upgraded our testing laboratory to include capacity for corrosion testing.

We have recently installed a Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber, which allows us to test our products and coatings in a Neutral Salt Spray Test (NSST) to any standard (including ASTM B117 and BS EN ISO 9227). We can also test for Cyclic Corrosion, where the parameters of the test are changed to give variable humidity and temperature.

This complements our existing testing capabilities of:

–    Tension, compression, shear, bending and flexure testing
–    Surface and core hardness testing
–    Carburization depth testing
–    Ionising radiation spectroscopic testing
–    Infra red spectroscopic testing
–    Drill speed and usability testing
–    Torque testing

It is our plan to further extend the capabilities of the laboratory through the acquisition of more testing machines in the future, such as:

–    Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer
–    Optical Emission Spectrometer
–    Scanning Electron Microscope
–    Shadowgraph
–    Charpy Impact Tester

The Evolution Fasteners laboratory has been purpose built to test all fastener types, however we can also test a wide array of products for applications in the Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical, Marine, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Petrochemical industries.

If you would like products or systems to be independently tested in the Evolution laboratory please e-mail technical@evolutionfasteners.co.uk

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