EvoShield Coating Outperforms

EvoShield® is the proprietary coating used by Evolution Fasteners (UK) Ltd on our high performance range of screws.
The coating is a tri-ceramic, resin bound organic coating that comes in varying compositions to achieve 500 hours or 1,000 hours resistance to corrosion in a Neutral Salt Spray Test (NSST). However, the coating has been developed to cope with the most demanding environments known to man.

The Neutral Salt Spray Test was developed to simulate the weathering life of a product. Essentially by using a fog of salt (5% Sodium Chloride – NaCl solution) the whole lifespan of a product is replicated in a short period of time. Using this method a constant accelerated corrosion can be achieved and could simulate a 25 year building life in 500 hours.

Whilst most manufacturers would believe that a NSST is the end line in corrosion resistance, Evolution’s Testing and Analytical Services Department know better; as Technical Manager Ryan Murphy says “Salt spray is only the beginning. These products get used in a massive array of different environments. There are some that are exposed to extremely harsh chemicals in industrial applications”.

As such Evolution has implemented one of the most demanding testing regimes of any coating. Find in the pdf below a summary of the tests completed to gauge how effective a range of coatings were against extremely strong acid attack:


Corrision Tesistance Test Results Download  

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