Klasse® Group Ltd is a family-owned business based in the United Kingdom and supplied a range of building products to the construction industry including board materials, inter alia.

More information can be found on their website, www.klassegroup.co.uk.

They can also be contacted by telephone on +44 (0) 1432 842 030.


  • High performance gypsum board for external applications
  • Standard G-board (Outwear) dimensions: 2400 x 1200 x 12.5mm







  • High-density fibre cement sheathing board, for modular and offsite construction.  A1 non-combustible, high-impact strength and can be used where physical and mechanical properties are required.
  • Standard C-board dimensions: 2400 x 1200 x 12mm






  • Calcium silicate sheathing board for applications that require an A1 non-combustible fire rating.  Used for indoor partitions, ceilings and roof sub-boards, etc.
  • Standard S-board dimensions: 2400 x 1200 x 12mm

Installation instructions1

NOTE:  Failure to abide by these instructions may void any warranty provided by Evolution Fasteners (UK) Ltd. This document does not alleviate the user, designer or any other party from their respective obligations under the terms of the Warranty2The use of impact tooling voids the Warranty.

  1. Clear installation area of dirt and debris and ensure that there are no other contaminating substances (i.e. oil, grease, etc),
  2. Using a non‐impacting TEK screwdriver (such as Makita FS2500), insert the screw into the fixture and substrate material perpendicularly (± 5˚ from the normal) using not greater than 1,500 RPM and a steady pressure on the tooling only (do not force the tool, allow the screw to cut),
  3. Stop inserting the screw once the underside of the flange makes contact with the topside of the fixture material for non‐washered screws. For washered screws continue inserting until the compression disc of the washer changes from convex to flat. There should be no torque applied to the fasteners post‐installation.


This document is provided for educational purposes only and remains the intellectual property of Evolution Fasteners (UK) Ltd. The information provided in this document does not alleviate any responsibility on the part of any third party, nor does Evolution Fasteners (UK) Ltd accept any liability for any failures in practice, design or otherwise by any third parties using this document. Evolution Fasteners (UK) Ltd retain all rights in relation to this document. This document shall not be reproduced except in full, without written approval from Evolution Fasteners (UK) Ltd. Whilst every effort was made to ensure that all information in this document is accurate, it is provided strictly on the basis errors and omissions excepted. It is the recommendation of Evolution Fasteners (UK) Ltd that any third party seeking to use our products should enquire directly with the Evolution Technical Department either by e‐mail to technical@evofas.com or phone call to +44 (0) 141 647 7100. Written enquires can be made to:

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1Video instructions available on our YouTube™ channel (Evolution Technical Services and Laboratory) 

2For further information, refer to the Evolution Product Warranty document hosted on our website.

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