ETA & Declaration of Performance

What is an ETA?

ETA stands for "European Technical Assesment". It provides an indepentent Eurpe-wide procedure for assessing the essential performance charateristics of non-standrd construction products.

What does an ETA contain?

  • Details of the manufacturer and manufacturing plant
  • Applicable European Assessment Document
  • Trade name and description of the product and its intented use
  • Product performance and references tot eh methods used for the assessment
  • Applicable AVCP system(s) and techncial details necessary for the implmentation of the AVCP system

Evolution Fasteners ETA's

ETA-13/0634 - Evolution EVDBZ Range

ETA document for Evolution Fasteners EVDBZ Range

ETA-22/0103 - Evolution TEK Screws - TEK 3 Ranges (Evo-shield, Bi-Metal and Zinc)

ETA document for Evolution Fasteners TEK 3 Ranges (Evoshield, Bi-Metal and Zinc)

What is a Declaration of Performance?

A Declartation of Performance (DOP) is a document in the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) that a manufacturer of a product should supply for part with CE approval. It provides information in relation to the performance of a product under consistant testing standards.

Evolution Fasteners DOP's

Declaration of Performance Certificate no. 07DW-22-A

Declartation of Performance for Mechanical Fixings of Plasterboards, and Other Compoents of Plasterboard Systems.

Declaration of Performace Certificate No. 04WS-22-A

Declartation of Performace for Mechanical Fasteners for Timber Structures.

Declaration of Performace Certificate No. 01CS-23-A

Declartation of Performace for Non-load Beariung, Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes to Resist Accidental Compression of Insulation Panels and Battens.

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