Evolution Testing & Analytical Services (ETAS)

Our new laboratory is now fully equipped with state of the art machinery allowing us to provide a range of efficient, reliable and economical testing solutions. 

With our wealth of experience in the construction industry, the focus of our tests and analyses is on the requirements of the construction industry.  However, we can also perform tests suited to a range of other commercial clients (in e.g. the automotive, defence and aerospace industries), local and statutory authorities, government bodies and international institutions.  

We can perform laboratory based and in-situ tests and analyses for an array of requirements including quality control/assurance, failure analysis, research and revelopment, suitability studies and certification e.g.

Construction Material Testing
– Yield and tensile strength, elongation and bending strength of steel
– Shear strength of steel
– Design and mixture proportions of concrete and masonry mortar
– Compressive and flexure strength of concrete, brick or masonry
– RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) testing and certification
– Pull out testing of fasteners and anchors in concrete, brick or masonry
– Delamination and fitness testing of concrete

Construction Mechanical Testing
– Conforms with international standards (ISO, BS, DIN, JIZ, EN etc)
– Tensile, flexural and compressive strength
– Shear strength
– Torque strength and behaviour
– Deflection and bending
– Failure analysis
– Microscopy
– Burst and tear strength
– Bond strength
– Hardness (Vickers, Knoops, ROckwell)
– Chemical composition
– XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) spectrometry
– FTIR (Fourier Transmission Infra Red) spectrometry

In-situ Metallic, Plastic, Organic & Inorganic Materials Testing
– Compressive strength of concrete, brick or masonry
– Pull out testing of fasteners and anchors in steel or concrete
– Material composition of parts (XRF spectrometry)
– Slump test of concrete
– Delamination and fitness testing of concrete
– Visual Inspections

Laboratory Based Metallic, Plastic, Organic & Inorganic Materials Testing
– Compressive and tensile strength of steel and other materials
– Flexural, bending and deflection testing of steel and other materials
– Chemical composition of materials (XRF and FTIR spectrometry)
– Hardness testing (Vickers, Knoops, Rockwell)
– Metallography (including grain size, coating thickness, depth of hardening etc)
– Dimensional measurement
– Microscopy and failure analysis
– Corrosion testing (including salt spray testing and cyclic corrosion)
– Torque testing
– Drill speed and tapping tests
– Usability testing

We can also carry out testing in accordance with ETAG (European Technical Approval Group), CUAP (Common Understanding of Assessment Procedure) or EN (European Normalised/Harmonised Standard) to attain an ETA (European Technical Approval) in a cost effective manner.

For further information:
– use the link below to download the ETAS brochure
– contact our ETAS Team (t: +44(0)141 647 7100  or e: sales@etasuk.com)
– visit the new ETAS website www.etasuk.com 

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