Evolution SuperTEK 6 blazes through 12.5mm of structural steel in under 6.4 seconds

The Evolution Fasteners UK SuperTEK® 6 (Part No. TSBW5.5-38-6) meets and beats 12mm of S355JR structural steel in 6.37 seconds. S355JR steel as per BS EN 10025-1: 2004 (Hot rolled products of structural steels. General technical delivery conditions), Test performed as per BS EN ISO 10666: 1999 (Drilling screws with tapping screw threads. Mechanical and functional properties). Test parameters including uncertainty of measurement: Axial force applied = 147.10 N ± 1.00 N, Rotational speed of screwdriver = 1,750 RPM ± 0.5 RPM, Thickness of steel test plate = 12.35 mm ± 0.005 mm, Time taken to drill steel test plate = 6.37 s ± 0.04 s. Our test apparatus also has a 40 Nm capacity torque sensor, although it is not part of the test as per Clause 4.2 (drilling and screwing-in test) of BS EN ISO 10666: 1999, we collected the data anyway: Peak torque = 4.03 Nm.

Watch the video here.

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