Evolution Engineers visit the BE-ST

A delegation of our Graduate Engineering Apprentices recently visited the BE-ST (Built Environment - Smarter Transformation) Research Centre (formerly the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre).


BE-ST is working on the forefront of construction research and is facilitating a collaborative atmosphere between key stakeholders in industry, academia and government to drive and promote innovation in product and system designs for the construction industry.  


Remarking on the visit, Ryan Murphy (Technical Director, Evolution Fasteners (UK) Ltd) said:


"Embarking on the short journey into the realm of BE-ST filled us with a renewed sense of discovery.  Witnessing the pioneering work being done here was nothing short of an awe-inspiring opportunity that sparked a small cascade of ideas that we would like to implement into our own research and development endeavours.  Sam Patterson, Associate Impact Manager at BE-ST, skilfully guided us through an enthralling introduction and tour, revealing the transformative power of fresh perspectives and cutting-edge innovation within the construction industry.  


BE-ST lived up to their reputation for a commitment to nurturing young talent by granting our Apprentice Engineers this firsthand glimpse into the forefront of industry transformation.  Gratitude and pride well up within me and the management team, knowing that our Apprentices will carry forward the seeds of innovation and are empowered to reimagine new solutions to Engineering challenges.  BE-ST exemplifies the profound impact that emerges when opportunity converges with innovative thinking.


I recommend that anyone in the construction research sphere visits the BE-ST Research Centre as it serves as a vivid reminder that the fusion of opportunity and innovation becomes a catalyst for extraordinary growth and progress."


As the Evolution delegation bid farewell to the BE-ST Research Centre, the experience fuels our commitment to the pursuit of progress and the forging of enduring technical alliances with our esteemed specification partners in the industry.  For us, our product transcends mere fasteners; it embodies knowledge - a repository of safety, certain and meticulous specification.  And yes, we happen to craft exceptional premium fasteners as well.

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